Every day beauty battle

It’s 5 am and my alarm is going off, it’s time to start getting ready for work. I splash my face with water and peer at myself in the mirror. I notice that my eyes are puffy, there are dark circles, and even some fine lines, where did these come from? It’s as if they just appeared over night, and at the ripe age of 28 I find myself worrying about gray hair, crows feet, spider veins, yellowing teeth, lack of energy, dark circles, etc. Am I just being vain?  We are constantly bombarded with images of women with perfect bodies, hair, teeth, and flawless skin. Images that have been photoshopped creating an unattainable image that we seem to be striving for. The beauty industry has become a billion dollar industry, with americans spending over 7 billion dollars on cosmetics, and 11.7 million on cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures.  A grueling 80% of women have stated they are not happy with their looks, as well as 69% saying they were in favor of plastic surgery. Of girls between the ages of 15-19, 40% have been diagnosed with eating disorders. The media is thought to be one of the main contenders in the rise in the desire for plastic surgery, or striving to be a size zero. From Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat we have become a society filled with media outlets that are image based, forcing us to look at ourselves as well as our peers. It becomes hard to determine if the latest beauty trends or diets are actually good for us, or just another trend, or the beauty industry looking to prey on young men and women for a few more dollars. Lately I have been seeing sites that suggest beauty dupes, that is beauty products that work to reduce fine lines, dark circles etc at a more affordable cost. An article highlighting our every day beauty battle. And a list of products that are rated to be the best for the year  2016